Ellie Tarence Hiller

BSN, RN, HSN Nutrition Coach
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Ellie is the Founder of Vulcan Nutrition and Head Coach of Vulcan Nutrition. She is a Registered Nurse, 2021 CrossFit Semifinal Team Athlete, and 2022 CrossFit Semifinal Individual Athlete.

@elliehiller believes that true healthcare begins BEFORE you set foot in a hospital or doctor’s office. She is passionate about helping people feel their best through proper fueling and dialing in lifestyle factors like sleep and stress. Ellie has a Bachelor’s of Science in nursing from Samford University. She graduated in 2020 and worked her first job at UAB Hospital’s Level 1 Emergency and Trauma Center. She continues to work part time as a nurse in pediatric anesthesia.

Some of Ellie’s notable achievements are pertinent to fitness. She is a state champion tennis player and has won 2 sprint triathlons in her age group. She was recruited for both college swimming and basketball, but chose to pursue CrossFit instead. She now trains specifically for CrossFit and competed in the Pro division of the Granite Games (a competition in Minnesota) in 2017. In 2021, she competed in a team at a CrossFit Semifinal in Knoxville, TN and in 2022, she competed as an individual at the Atlas Games CrossFit Semifinal.

Ellie is a certified nutritionist and has her CrossFit Level One certificate. Her mission with Vulcan Nutrition @the_vulcan_nutrition is to provide highly effective, personalized nutrition coaching with results that actually last. The vision of Vulcan Nutrition is to enhance lives by properly fueling the body and optimizing the mind so clients can lead lives without restriction.

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