Post-Concussion Treatment

We create a comprehensive plan to safely restore baseline function following a concussion.

Navigating the Path to Concussion Recovery

Embark on a journey of confident recovery from concussions with Vulcan Performance. Understanding the complexities of concussive injuries, we offer a personalized approach to address post-concussion symptoms, ensuring a comprehensive, safe, and effective recovery process. Our specialized therapists use the latest techniques to guide individuals through rehabilitation, prioritizing a safe return to baseline function.

Who This is For - Individuals Recovering from Concussions

Our treatment plans cater to individuals experiencing diverse post-concussion symptoms, impacting cognitive, physical, and/or emotional well-being. Whether you're dealing with cognitive challenges, headaches, or physical limitations post-concussion, our program is designed to facilitate a thorough and successful recovery.

Methodology - A Personalized Approach to Concussion Recovery

We begin with a detailed assessment to understand the specific challenges posed by each concussion. Our treatment plans combine evidence-based interventions, neurocognitive exercises, and therapeutic modalities, tailored to meet individual needs. Our focus is on empowering you through each step of the recovery process, from managing symptoms to progressing towards your pre-concussion levels of function.

What to Expect

Join us for a treatment journey that is as comprehensive as it is compassionate. Expect a program that not only addresses physical symptoms but also enhances cognitive functions. With our skilled therapists, you’ll navigate the recovery process with the assurance of returning to your daily activities safely and effectively.

Start Your Recovery with Vulcan Performance

Choose Vulcan Performance for a comprehensive and empathetic approach to concussion recovery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take your first step towards a confident and successful return to a fulfilling and active life.

Benefits & Features

Here are some key advantages and characteristics of Post-Concussion Therapy with Vulcan Performance

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: Concussion physical therapy begins with a thorough assessment to evaluate the extent of the injury, identify specific symptoms, and understand the individual's unique challenges. This assessment guides the development of a tailored treatment plan.
  2. Individualized Treatment Plans: One of the primary features of concussion physical therapy is the creation of individualized treatment plans. Recognizing that each concussion is unique, therapy programs are customized to address the specific symptoms and needs of the individual.
  3. Symptom Management: Concussion physical therapy focuses on managing and alleviating symptoms associated with concussions, such as headaches, dizziness, cognitive difficulties, and visual disturbances. Therapists employ targeted interventions to address these symptoms and enhance overall well-being.
  4. Neurocognitive Rehabilitation: Cognitive functions can be significantly affected by concussions. Physical therapy includes neurocognitive rehabilitation exercises to improve memory, concentration, and other cognitive abilities that may be compromised after a concussion.
  5. Vestibular Rehabilitation: Many individuals with concussions experience issues with balance and coordination. Vestibular rehabilitation, a key component of concussion physical therapy, focuses on exercises to improve balance, spatial orientation, and reduce dizziness.
  6. Gradual Return to Activity: Concussion physical therapy helps individuals safely reintegrate into daily activities and exercise. Therapists guide patients through a gradual return-to-play protocol, ensuring that they can resume physical activities without exacerbating symptoms.
  7. Education and Counseling: Patients receive education about concussions, their symptoms, and the expected recovery process. Counseling may be provided to address any psychological or emotional aspects of the injury, promoting a holistic approach to recovery.
  8. Monitoring Progress: Regular progress assessments are conducted to track improvements and adjust the treatment plan as needed. This ensures that therapy remains aligned with the individual's evolving needs and recovery trajectory.
  9. Collaboration with Other Healthcare Professionals: Concussion physical therapists often work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, including neurologists, neuropsychologists, and sports medicine specialists, to ensure a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to care.
  10. Empowerment and Support: A crucial aspect of concussion physical therapy is empowering individuals to actively participate in their recovery. Therapists provide support, encouragement, and tools for self-management, fostering a sense of control over the healing process.In summary, concussion physical therapy is a specialized and individualized approach that aims to address the multifaceted challenges of concussions, promoting a safe and successful return to baseline levels of function and daily activities.

Our Process