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Why Extreme Sells

Learn about Vulcan Nutrition's holistic approach to individual health and wellness, prioritizing long-term mental and physical well-being as a contrast to the extremes of today's diet and fitness industries.
Written by
Ellie Tarence Hiller
Published on
Dec 11, 2023

Our Mission, Vision, and Method to Combat this Approach

Main Takeaway: The diet and weightless industry does not care about you or your long term health. They care about money. Choose carefully.

If you were not already aware, the diet and weight loss market in the United States is a whopping $72 million dollar industry. I could write an entire novel on some of the reasons why this is this case and the proceeding implications, BUT to put it succinctly: “extreme sells.”

It is FAR easier to create a drastic program that crams the general population into broad categories and gives singular prescriptions in terms of how to lose weight. This allows for systemization and monetization of your “diet product” because if you are extreme enough, then yes…you can eventually starve people into losing weight. Those people will lose weight and you’ll get an awesome “before/after pic” at the expense of their overall health.

News Flash: the diet industry does not care about you or your long term health. In most cases, they care about making money. I hate to be negative, but it is important people know that.

It is far more lucrative for a company to come up with an app that puts you in a general “category” and spits out a prescription based on certain data points you give it. It is easier to generalize than to focus on one individual at a time. Accounting for all the factors in a person’s life i.e. relationships, stress, sleep, food preferences, activity level/type, etc cannot be systematized.

In todays world of “everything at our fingertips,” it is hard to conceptualize something worthwhile taking time. However, when it comes to health and the holistic human being, steady and intentional daily decisions are what make a life-long impact.

Our Response

Our mission, vision, and method at Vulcan Nutrition is to look at the individual as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. We view nutrition and fitness through the lease of healthcare NOT a transformation picture at the critical expense of someone’s health.

We consider the individual and his or herspecific goals. If the goal is weight loss, we approach it with their long-term mental and physical health in mind.  

We understand that life is dynamic and constantly evolving. We aim to help the individual navigate these changes and still find a way to prioritize their health in a realistic, maintainable way.

Visit our website through the link in our bio if you are interested in hearing more about what we do via  a free vision call. We have no contracts or commitments. We want to help you within whatever time frame you see fit.

If you get nothing else out of this post then please we beg you to stop putting your money towards things that make you feel like crap and harm your health. It is not worth the bikini picture or the few months of feeling “skinny.” There is FAR more to your health than that, and you can also find a balance between looking good and feeling good. We would be honored to help you.

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