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Physical Therapy

What is My Knee Pain? Cycling with Knee Pain

Explore the three types of knee pain most common in cycling and some easy solutions.
Clay Higginbotham
Feb 27, 2024
min read
Physical Therapy

Shin Splint Solutions: Essential Tips for Rehab and Injury Prevention in Runners

Discover research-backed ways to rehab or prevent shin splints!
Christian Peters
Feb 20, 2024
min read
Physical Therapy

Squatting Deep: The Ultimate Guide to Full Depth Squats

Full depth squats versus partial? We answer the debate here.
Sean Hiller
Feb 13, 2024
min read
Physical Therapy

Unlocking Peak Performance with Dry Needling in Birmingham, Alabama

Discover how dry needling revolutionizes performance for functional fitness athletes.
Chris Temples
Feb 6, 2024
min read
Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation Strategies for 3 Common Hip Injuries in Soccer

Understand 3 common hip injuries in soccer and how to successfully overcome them.
Maddie Gill
Feb 2, 2024
min read
Physical Therapy

Understanding Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Learn how pelvic therapy can improve bladder control, reduce incontinence, and decrease pain.
Lauren Potter
Jan 22, 2024
min read