Pre & Post-Surgical Rehab

Work with our team in every phase of your surgery preparation and recovery. an

Service Overview

At Vulcan Performance, we specialize in optimizing outcomes through comprehensive pre-surgical and post-surgical physical therapy. Our expert team in Birmingham, Alabama is committed to guiding you smoothly through every phase of your recovery journey, with a focus on surpassing your health goals.

Who This Is For

Our Pre & Post-Surgical Rehab service is ideal for anyone preparing for or recovering from surgery. We cater to those seeking to minimize potential complications, expedite recovery, and achieve optimal strength and flexibility post-surgery.


Our approach involves a holistic and tailored strategy:

  • Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy: Our program prepares your body for surgery through tailored exercises and rehabilitation techniques, enhancing strength, flexibility, and overall physical condition.
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation: We develop a personalized rehabilitation plan, incorporating targeted exercises, manual therapy, and innovative rehabilitation approaches to restore function and enhance well-being as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What to Expect

You can expect a custom, supportive journey with the Vulcan Performance team:

  • Pre-Surgery: You will work with a physical therapist one-on-one on specific areas related to your surgery to lay the groundwork for an efficient recovery.
  • Post-Surgery: Your therapist will work closely with you to strengthen muscles and joints around the surgical site, facilitating a faster and more comprehensive recovery.

Optimize Your Surgery Experience with Vulcan Performance

Ensure a successful surgical outcome with our expert Pre & Post-Surgical Rehab services. Contact us to learn more and start your tailored recovery plan.


Q: What does Pre & Post-Surgical Rehab involve?
A: Our rehab involves tailored exercises and rehabilitation techniques for pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery.

Q: Who should consider Pre & Post-Surgical Rehab?
A: Anyone undergoing surgery who seeks to minimize complications, expedite recovery, and achieve optimal physical condition post-surgery.

Benefits & Features

  • Early Detection and Preparation: Minimize potential complications pre-surgery.
  • Personalized Rehabilitation Plans: Tailored strategies for post-surgical recovery.
  • Expert Care: Rehabilitation guided by experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy.

Benefits & Features

Our Process