Unlock Cycling Potential with a Bike Fit at Vulcan

Clay Higginbotham
April 16, 2024
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Why Opt for a Bike Fit?

Choosing cycling, whether as your main form of exercise or a complementary activity, can greatly benefit from a professional bike fit. At Vulcan Performance, we understand the mechanics of cycling and the human body, bringing you closer to a seamless, pain-free cycling experience. Let’s delve into how a personalized bike fit can transform your rides.

Vulcan Performance physical therapist making adjustments during a custom bike fit

Injury Prevention

Due to the repetitive nature of the sport, cycling can cause minor injuries in even the most experienced riders. Just in one casual weekend ride, you will go through a pedal stroke thousands of times. This motion can strain your body in subtle yet significant ways. For instance, a saddle set too high forces you to overextend to reach the pedal at its lowest position, while an improperly adjusted saddle can place continuous strain on your knees.

These positions may appear minor,  and to the naked eye could even be invisible, however this is just the beginning of a long list of misalignments that most people won't notice until injuries strike. Here at Vulcan Performance, we  combine the expert eye of a doctor of physical therapy with the science of bike fitment science to place you into a position hand tailored for you. With your new fit, you will be riding pain and injury free for a long time.

Boosted Performance

When you are cycling for fitness, data and results matter. Most riders track speed, distance, and power to assess their performance over time. It  is also very common for biking enthusiasts to upgrade their bike with shiny deep dish wheels in order to scratch off a few watts here and there.

A bike fit by a qualified professional can be a much more affordable option for optimizing performance, however. Following a bike fit, some riders see a change of up to 10 percent in peak power across efforts. For a fraction of the cost of carbon bars or a nice new set of race day wheels, you can get a better wattage increase and decrease your overall risk of injury.

Vulcan Performance physical therapist taking measurements during a bike fitting

Experience the Vulcan Performance Difference

Stepping out from a Vulcan Performance bike fit, you’ll ride more efficiently and safely, guarding against the repetitive stress injuries common in cycling. Ready to transform your cycling experience? If you are in the Birmingham, Alabama area, book your bike fit today with Vulcan Performance and feel the difference on your very next ride.

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Clay Higginbotham