Bike Fitting

Optimize your ride with a custom bike fitting at Vulcan.

Optimizing Your Ride: A Comprehensive Bike Fitting Service

Rider Goal Assessment and Bike Fitting:

At Vulcan Performance, we offer a tailored Bike Fitting Service designed for cyclists of all levels. Our approach begins with a thorough rider goal assessment, understanding your aspirations, challenges, and unique needs. This assessment forms the basis of our hands-on bike fitment process, ensuring your bike is perfectly aligned with your riding style and objectives.

Who This is For

Whether you're a competitive cyclist, a daily commuter, or a weekend warrior, our Bike Fitting Service is ideal for anyone looking to improve their riding comfort, efficiency, and overall performance. Our service is particularly beneficial for those experiencing discomfort during rides or looking to optimize their power generation and bike handling skills.


Our service includes a detailed mobility screening and muscular testing to understand your physical capabilities and limitations. This is followed by a pre and post-fit performance analysis, allowing us to measure the effectiveness of our adjustments. We then provide personalized riding position coaching, equipping you with the knowledge and techniques to maintain optimal posture and performance on your bike.

What to Expect

Expect a transformative experience that enhances your cycling comfort and performance. Our expert fitters will work closely with you throughout the session, ensuring a dynamic and effective bike fit. We focus on aligning your bike with your body's mechanics, resulting in improved comfort, safety, efficiency, and optimized power output on the bike.

Start Your Bike Fitting Journey with Us:

Choose Vulcan Performance for a comprehensive and professional bike fitting service. Contact us today to schedule your session and take the first step towards a more comfortable and efficient cycling experience.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Enhanced Riding Comfort: Our bike fitting service addresses common discomfort issues, allowing you to ride longer without pain.
  • Optimized Power and Efficiency: Experience improved bike handling and power generation, leading to greater confidence and efficiency on the bike.
  • Dynamic Fit for Dynamic Cycling: Unlike static fittings, our dynamic approach ensures a fit that matches your natural movement through the pedal stroke.


  • What can I expect after completing a bike fitting? Post-fit, expect to ride longer with less discomfort and to see improvements in bike handling and power generation.
  • What should I bring? Please bring your bike and your usual riding gear, including shoes, cycling shorts, and any other equipment you typically use.
  • Is it a Workout? Yes, be prepared to sweat as we conduct a dynamic fit to match your cycling motion.

Ready to transform your cycling experience? Start your bike fitting journey with us and unlock the full potential of your ride.

Benefits & Features

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