The BEST Sleeping Position for RELIEF from Low Back Pain


Sleeping with back pain is HARD and sometimes impossible if your back hurts. Get great sleep even with back pain with these solutions from Dr. Sean Hiller 👉Exercises that TREAT DDD and Stenosis: 👉Best Sleeping Positions for Sciatica: 👉Best Sleeping Positions for Neck Pain: 👉Check out the Vulcan Blog for more helpful resources including this article on: ✅Understanding and Managing Low Back Pain: FOLLOW US --------------------------------------------------- Website: FB: /vulcanmovement IG: @vulcanmovement Music by CHAPTERS --------------------------------------------------- 0:00 Is This Video for You? 0:33 Favorite Sleeping Position? 0:51 DDD or Stenosis 1:35 Bad Sleeping Position 3 2:05 Bad Sleeping Position 2 2:40 Bad Sleeping Position 3 2:55 GOOD Sleeping Positions 4:40 Problems with Positions 5:10 Should you Forever Sleep like This DISCLAIMER: I have to state that some of the links on this channel are affiliate links which means by clicking on them and purchasing the items I get a small commission. I'm part of an Amazon Affiliate and earn revenue from qualifying purchases. Using the provided links does NOT change the price for you. #degenerativediscdisease #lowbackpain #spinalstenosis #degenerativelowbackpain #physicaltherapy #dddsleepingposition #stenosissleepingposition #backpainsleepingposition
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