Geena Pitts

MS in Exercise Science, HSN Nutrition Coach
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Geena is a coach at Vulcan Nutrition who specializes in working with middle aged females. She has a Master's Degree in Exercise Science and writes individualized resistance training programs. Geena is a personal and small group trainer in Daphne, Alabama.

From a young age, Geena has enjoyed working out. What first began as a fun way to socialize, eventually became a serious endeavor! Her middle and high school years were mostly spent running cross country and track. One of her biggest accomplishments was running for a year consecutively, averaging over 5 miles per day.

When high school ended, Geena was introduced to CrossFit by her cross country coach. This was an entirely new experience for her, and she quickly realized that she had a lot of work to do. In the beginning it was fun for Geena to work on new skills. Day-by-day she found herself being able to say she could conquer something different - pull-ups, overhead squats, double unders, box jumps. Then it was official. Geena drank the kool-aid. The next 6 years she spent competing and training 20 hours a week with the hopes of making it to regionals. Over those 6 years, Geena competed at Wodapalozza 3 years, Granite Games 2 years, and various other local competitions. Unfortunately, she fell 1 spot short of making it to regionals as an individual competitor 2 years in a row.

Now, while Geena still loves to workout, it has become more about longevity and health. During the competitive CrossFit years, Geena was also pursing a Master's degree in Exercise Science. She held a graduate assistantship position and worked with the Children's Physical Activity and Research Group. She also aided with multiple research projects about exercise and supplementation (one is in the process of being published!) After graduation, Geena taught Exercise Physiology at the University of South Alabama and continued to be a research assistant.

Nutrition has always been one of Geena's favorite topics of research & discussion. She has dedicated hours of study to nutrition and habit based changes. Geena is eager to help educate clients about nutrition and to figure out how to best help meet his or her goals.

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