What to Expect in a Bike Fitting

Clay Higginbotham
March 5, 2024
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Cycling, a highly repetitive sport, carries an increased risk of injuries or general discomfort, especially as your fitness improves and you ride for longer durations. At Vulcan Performance in Birmingham, Alabama, our in-depth bike fitting service is designed to enhance your biking experience.

1. Physical Assessment

A bike fit that overlooks the rider's current physical state misses critical information essential for elevating your ride. Vulcan's physical assessment adopts a comprehensive bottom-up approach, identifying muscular imbalances and weaknesses that might be affecting your cycling more than you realize. We also provide resources to address these physical limitations.

2. Mobility Screening

Achieving an optimal riding position, whether for comfort or performance, requires adequate mobility from various body regions. At Vulcan, we assess your ability to achieve the range of motion cycling demands. Our mobility screening identifies potential problem areas that could lead to injuries. This step in the Vulcan Fit ensures your bike setup is is perfect for you.

3. On-Bike Measurements and Testing

After completing the physical assessment and mobility screening, it's time for pre- and post-fit testing. A successful bike fit should leave you feeling more comfortable and enable a position that maximizes your power output. The Vulcan Fit includes a quick power production test before and after tuning your bike to meet your specific needs. Following the post-fit test, you should be able to transfer power to the pedals more comfortably, likely with increased output.


A bike fitting should be comprehensive, involving more than just a few adjustments. To truly prevent injury and enhance performance, a thorough assessment by an expert in human biomechanics is vital, along with fine-tuning your bike to your individual needs. While research provides optimal torso, knee, and hip angles to generally improve cycling performance, everyone is unique. What works for one may not be ideal for another. At Vulcan Performance, we combine the latest research with the expert insights of physical therapists to deliver a superior bike fit experience tailored just for you.

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Clay Higginbotham