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Client Stories

This is YOUR STORY.  We are just happy to play a part.  Check out these stories of how people just like you enhanced their lives.

Dr. Jeff Plagenhoef, MD, FASA  suffered from severe radicular low back pain that was preventing him from living his active lifestyle.  He has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and he was unsure that anything could be done to help him out of pain conservatively.  That is when our story with Dr. Plagenhoef began.  Be sure to watch his story!

Mrs. Juanita is a client who has not been able to go up stairs for several years without high levels of pain that prevent her from doing her day to day activities in leave her in a high state of pain.  After therapy with us, she is now able to go up as many stairs a day as she likes to and she is not pursuing her health and fitness.

Clay Byars suffered several life changing events years ago but he has never stopped fighting.  We are happy to join Clay in his fight and provide him with the best opportunity to fight successfully..


Clay is also the author of Will and I an autobiography of the events that lead him to who he is today. We recommend this to anyone and especially medical practitioners. 

Mrs. Ali is a client who has been fighting back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain for several years now and she found Vulcan and asked us to help her defeat this pain!

The 3 Tier Guide to a Pain Free Active Life!

Want to know more about how we take our clients from where they are right now to where they want to be?  Check out our tried and true "3-Tier Guide to a Pain Free Active Life".

Impetus Health


Created to spark conversation and thought on how to make our health and our system of healthcare better.  And move healthcare from reactive to proactive.  


Your Fitness Training and Programming Enhancement

Training+ is where you go from just getting by to "dominating".  This is training for your life, your fitness, and your mind.

We offer High Quality-Virtual Physical Therapy

Can't make it in?  No worries, we have you covered.

We offer a high quality, virtual physical therapy service.  We take extreme measures to ensure that this service and every bit as good as what we provide in person.

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