The Vulcan Performance Team's 2024 Fitness Goals

Sean Hiller
January 24, 2024
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As health and performance profssionals - yes, we have our own fitness goals too! We don’t just help you with yours. As we kick off the year, each of our team members shared their indiividual fitness, movement, and exercise goals. While some are very specific, some are more general. Check them out below!

Dr. Lauren Potter PT, DPT, ATC, Women's Pelvic Health Specialist

“Be able to do 10 strict pull-ups by the end of the year”

Dr. Chris Temples PT, DPT, Dry Needling Certified Practitioner

“Train for and complete an olympic triathlon. The game plan is to have it done by about mid to late May. If I don't hate that, I will try to progress on that and train for an Ironman.”

Geena Pitts, MS in Exercise Science, HSN Certified Nutrition Coach

“To spend more time outside. My goal is to accumulate 250 hours by the end of the year, whether that's walking outside or working out outside - just being in nature more. That looks like about 41 minutes per day if I divide it equally over the course of the year.”

Dr. Christian Peters PT, DPT, CSCS

"Run a 1.:45 half marathon, and then another marathon towards the end of the year. Haven't set a goal for that one yet."

Ellie Hiller, BSN RN, HSN Certified Nutrition Coach, Vulcan Nutrition CEO

"Stay healthy so I can do all the things I like to do like mountain biking, running, CrossFit, pickleball, sports. And then my other goal is to qualify for a CrossFit semifinal this year.”

Dr. Sean Hiller PT, DPT, CSCS, USAW-L1, BFR-L2, ICE CERT-Run

"To use fitness as an avenue to stay healthy in heart, mind, body and soul ."

Dr. Maddie Gill PT, DPT

“My fitness or movement goal in 2024 is to get more exposure to the CrossFit realm... and to actually learn the rules of pickleball.”

Victoria Moss, HSN Certified Nutrition Coach, CF-L1, NASM-CPT

“Get big and buff. No, literally. Eat more to lift more and put on some muscle mass.”

Dr. Clay Higginbotham PT, DPT, CSCS, NASM-CPT, CF-L1, FMS

“Stay as strong as possible as I bring a beautiful baby boy into this world with my wife and after that, train for a marathon with her.”

Rebecca Blackmon General Manager, MBA, MS SM, CSCS, CF-L2

“Stay healthy, and run a marathon with Clay and Lindsay [Higginbotham].”

We want to move our health and fitness forward to.Blackly a lot of our goals align with some of the goals that you have to.If you have goals that you want to reach but have an injury or an issue slowing you down, let us help you. Go to our website and let us enhance what moves you.

Sean Hiller