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Vulcan Performance Rehabilitation and Recovery is a highly personalized physical therapy organization that is heavily grounded in movement and strength and conditioning principles.  Our aim is to positively touch the lives of our clients and provide you with the highest quality of care.


We focus on you, not your injury.  You may be injured, but that does not describe the needs of your life or the things that make you happy in life that the injury may be limiting.  Your needs, not your injury or pain, guide us in how to address your rehabilitation.  We take a Movement Based Approach.  It is not that your back is hurting you, it is what the pain in your back is keeping you from doing.  We want to "Enhance What Moves You" and train to correct these patterns of motion to get you active and to 100% of your capacity and doing the things you love.


Our goal is to provide you with the best health care experience you have ever received.  You will not be asked to tell what your biggest concern is and have only that addressed.  We will listen to the whole picture of what is limiting you.  Everything is connected.  You are a whole person.

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