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Geriatric Physical Therapy

This is an area we at Vulcan Performance are extremely passionate about. We see that while our geriatric population is widely researched, for the most post, they are also heavily undeserved. We aim to change that. In fact we have created an entire company, Master's Performance, to address the fitness obstacles that stand in the way of older adults everywhere.

Master's Performance focuses to enhance the health of older adults through a fitness program that incorporates vigorously monitored assessments and direct contact with the medical team working around the individual. Master’s Performance aims to put more “Life” in the lives of older adults.


In physical therapy we help our older adults in surgical prevention, pre and post surgery needs, and increasing the independence of our clients. We understand that independence means so much more than most of us realize. Enjoy life and thrive, we are not here to just survive.


To learn more about Master's Performance, click this link.

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