Shoulder Focused

The shoulder.  The most muscularly and soft tissue supported joint we have.  the joint itself is called a ball an socket joint but in reality is more like a golf ball sitting on a tee.  This joint can undergo some serious force and it is easy to fall into less than safe movement patterns.

The term "stripper butt" is commonly thrown around in Olympic lifting and we know how it involves the hips. But what happens at the shoulder? The short answer is, it makes us far more unstable.
Ever been tubing behind a boat with your dad or crappy friend, seen a ton of slack in the rope and realized stuff was about to get real? Thats what we do to our shoulders everyday! How many times do we lift a box or a barbell by jerking it off the ground.
Uploaded by Vulcan Performance Rehabilitation and Recovery on 2018-02-18.
This is a great exercise and tool to get full ROM back after an injury or maybe chronic immobility. You do not want to feel pain on these, just use the motion in the pain-free circumduction that you have.