Performance Focused

Here, we are focused on optimal performance.  In every situation.  From what you put in your body, how you prepare, how you stabilize or mobilize, and how you perform.  This is stepping up your game.

Toes will be stepped on with this one. Early arm-bend is a technique (or fault) that is commonly used to mask poor positioning and lack of body control. The truth is, if you are bending slightly early then you are leaking power, if you are bending very early then your are hemorrhaging power.
Ever feel floppy when you squat heavy? Do you have a massive butt wink at the bottom of the hole? Do your pull-ups feel sloppy? Many times the most "core" issue we have with any movement is the inability to breathe effectively during that movement. We don't know how to breathe.
Shin splints have plagued movers and runners since the start of running. This video is about the cause and the prevention of shin splints.
Lots of times we can begin to alter how we think about the movement by making simple, easy changes. Movement is no different. Make progression by small changes.
Ever wondered what a squat looks like.... at the bony level? In this post we are looking at the anatomical relationship between your femurs and pelvis during a full squat and why the femur and pelvis do what they do to clear the space required for you to get into that nice, low, squat position.
You May be asking, "What in the world is Active Insufficiency and why is it important to me?" The answer is: This is what keeps you from moving well. Active Insufficiency is a lack of control of ALL of your range of motion.
Muscle cramps can be annoying and in some people, they can be chronically annoying. No one wants to hit mile 5 of a 30-mile run and start to feel that calf cramp coming on. Equally as annoying can be the cramp you catch 20 seconds into a pigeon pose at the beginning of yoga class.
Most of us start mentally smelling the aroma of coffee before the alarm rings in the morning. While some of us are able to get by with 1 cup a day, many of us are more of a "1 pot a day" kinda person. No shame.
Many people have flat feet at birth or, through poor movement, develop flat feet later on in life. How does having a flat fee affect movement though? And can you stop this? Hope you guys enjoy the video!
We all know sleep is important, but just how much? Adequate sleep is the number 1 step to improving how you feel, think, and perform on a daily bases. Check out the full blog article here at
Pain is one of the most misunderstood aspects of our bodies out there. Pain is not the problem, it's a symptom. A symptom that may not be linked to any damage at all.
So we all know water is important and you just don't feel as good or perform as well as you do when you're adequately hydrated. But just how important is hydration? It's dramatic and the research is scary.
The term "stripper butt" is commonly thrown around in Olympic lifting and we know how it involves the hips. But what happens at the shoulder? The short answer is, it makes us far more unstable.
Ever been tubing behind a boat with your dad or crappy friend, seen a ton of slack in the rope and realized stuff was about to get real? Thats what we do to our shoulders everyday! How many times do we lift a box or a barbell by jerking it off the ground.
Static stretching often gets bashed, and deservedly so as there are several different alternatives that are proven to be more effective long term. That being said, if you have the time, there is nothing wrong with doing some CORRECT static stretching before you move into more active and dynamic work.
Taking poor ankle mobility into 2018? Struggle with positioning every year? Let's change that in 2k18. This is a quick, progressional ankle warm up to help you gain a better position in whatever position you are struggling with. Takes about 7-10 minutes to do.
Don't break yourself on Bench Press. Pressing is one of the most functional movements we do and bench press itself is a highly functional exercise, it's also on the Mount Rushmore of Bro-Lifts. But how are we actually supposed to bench?
Why do the arches matter? What the arches, if your feet are doing, can tell a lot about the rest of your body. When your arches are collapsed or flattened (could be chronic for people with flat feet) what you'll typically find is that everything above the feet has internally rotated.
Control your Spine, Control your Body: Overheard movements tend to bring out any control or mobility deficits we have. Especially movements that are of the Overhead squat type. The strict press doesn't require as much full body mobility, but it does require a high amount of full body control.