Knee Focused

The knee can catch a lot of negative publicity due to the amount of undo force we subject the knee too on an hourly bases.  The knee is just following the command of the hip above it and the ankle below it.  With the right training, we can changes those commands, and become friends with our knees again.

Are steps an issue for you? People with knee issues sometimes dread having to use steps. Hurts with every step. It doesn't have too. Majority of time we are simply loading our body incorrectly, let the quads rest. Use the glutes! Try putting more weight through your heel when you step up.
Lots of times we can begin to alter how we think about the movement by making simple, easy changes. Movement is no different. Make progression by small changes.
Why do the arches matter? What the arches, if your feet are doing, can tell a lot about the rest of your body. When your arches are collapsed or flattened (could be chronic for people with flat feet) what you'll typically find is that everything above the feet has internally rotated.
Long-term sitting as one of the worst positions we can subject our body too, yet many of us are forced to sit for long periods of time during most of the day. And if you have back pain sitting can only complicate this.