Hips Focused

The hips aka. the powerhouse of the body aka. the V8/Hemi of the body.  This is where we do our work.  Essentially every full body movement will be more powerful and operate safer if that movement is initiated correctly with the hips.  Yet they are prone to issues as well.

In the world of sports, an issue that seems to arise with every athlete at some point is the dreaded "Hip Pinch". When your squatting, lunging, jumping, skipping, or climbing this hip pinch can cause serious pain and even crawl its way into daily activities like standing up from a chair and going upstairs.
You May be asking, "What in the world is Active Insufficiency and why is it important to me?" The answer is: This is what keeps you from moving well. Active Insufficiency is a lack of control of ALL of your range of motion.
Often times I hear the statement, "I think one of my legs is longer than the other." While this statement may be true, it is probably not the reason why you actually feel like one leg is longer than the other. Go to www.vulcanmovement.com for more info.
The is a common progression we use to help open the hips in an efficient sequence of movements. All that is required is a chair and a hip.
Long-term sitting as one of the worst positions we can subject our body too, yet many of us are forced to sit for long periods of time during most of the day. And if you have back pain sitting can only complicate this.