Foot/Ankle Focused

Having foot or ankle issues can manifest in many different ways.  Obvious issues like mallet toe may have more of a foot or toe focus while arch pain may require more of a hip focus.  Depends on your needs.

Shin splints have plagued movers and runners since the start of running. This video is about the cause and the prevention of shin splints.
Having a mallet toe can be extremely debilitating and not to mention painful. It can prevent you from living how you want to live and even stop you from doing many activities. Surgery is not your only solution. In fact, surgery needs to be looked at as your very last resort.
Many people have flat feet at birth or, through poor movement, develop flat feet later on in life. How does having a flat fee affect movement though? And can you stop this? Hope you guys enjoy the video!
Often times I hear the statement, "I think one of my legs is longer than the other." While this statement may be true, it is probably not the reason why you actually feel like one leg is longer than the other. Go to for more info.
Taking poor ankle mobility into 2018? Struggle with positioning every year? Let's change that in 2k18. This is a quick, progressional ankle warm up to help you gain a better position in whatever position you are struggling with. Takes about 7-10 minutes to do.
Why do the arches matter? What the arches, if your feet are doing, can tell a lot about the rest of your body. When your arches are collapsed or flattened (could be chronic for people with flat feet) what you'll typically find is that everything above the feet has internally rotated.
What is Mallet Toe? To describe Mallet Toe in more detail than we were able to in our short video. Mallet toe is characterized by flexion (or curling over) of the distal interphalangeal joint aka. DIP joint (the last joint on your toe). It can happen to any toe but is most common on toes 2-4.