Vulcan Performance Rehabilitation and Recovery is a highly personalized physical therapy and older adult health and fitness organization that is heavily grounded in movement and strength and conditioning principles.  Our aim is to positively touch the lives of our clients and provide them with the highest quality of care.

Our Mission

To view each person as an entirely unique individual. To walk in righteousness in each endeavor and provide quality to everyone we touch

Our Purpose

Enhance What Moves You

"What moves you" is more than just some goal.  It's the reason you sweat, grunt, laugh, and smile.  It's important.

Our Values

Righteousness: To construct “right” relationships with people and treating everyone in the highest quality.

Knowledge: “Above all, get wisdom”.  Continually search to better our practice of improving people's health.

Focus: Restrain from getting caught up in things outside of best practice (fads), stay the course and provide the value that people deserve.

Servitude: Each person we touch will feel valued and “increased”.